Sunday, October 1, 2023

10 Fine Fountain Pens

A fountain pen, unlike the usual pen, is featuring an ink reservoir that enables you to write.

10 Essential Equestrian Clothing Items

Being informed on equestrian clothing will help you make the best decisions in putting together a comfortable, appropriate riding outfit, which will enhance your sportsmanship abilities, rather than hinder you and make you uncomfortable.

10 Best Craft Ideas for Adults

The cold season is here and you’ll probably spend more time indoors, so get creative and try our best, handpicked craft ideas for adults.

10 Winners at the National Geographic’s Photo Contest 2011

National Geographic’s photo contest is a chance for young photographers to show what they’ve got. At its 23th edition, this contest is already famous and the organizers had much work to do, selecting their favorites among the 13,000 pictures that were sent to them from all over the world. The challenge of finding THE most beautiful shot among so many pictures must have been an almost impossible one!

10 Extreme Photos from Great Adventures

Here are some extreme photos by National Geographic. These images of awesome adventures will make you want to go there and try it yourself, if you are some adventurous guy and like what you see. This site offers great ideas of trips and adventures you may try. From the top of a mountain to the desert, from the sky to the sea, these fantastic shots allow us to experience a bit of the magic of extreme sports.

10 Most Beautiful Pictures of Mountains

Pictures of mountains are among the most beloved subjects of nature photography out there. This is not a surprise, as mountains provide limitless sources of inspiration for artists and they are an opportunity for photographers to show what they are capable of.

10 Incredibly funny and beautiful photos by Matt Sartain

Matt Sartain is a special kind of artist. His beautiful photos from the “Misadventures” series are able to tell stories… They are funny, cinematic and motivating; motivating, as they encourage the viewer to find a storyline to link to the images. Funny, as they are presenting some charming characters who have undertaken absurd tasks, or journeys.

10 Most Expensive Collectible Stamps

Unlike other hobbies which once we reach our adolescence, we tend to forget of and allow ourselves to get more involved with other life aspects, one of the hobbies we pick up as children and remain truthful to throughout our adult life is stamp collecting. If as youngsters the reasons which push us to arrange such collections can be considered rather naive such as importance of the subjects depicted with a stronger interest for those representing ships, locomotives, planes, animals, as we get older, we tend to be more attentive to those intricate little details such as historical value, geographical aspects, number of prints, etc.

10 Awesome Photos of Outstanding Clouds

Did you ever lie on your back, in the grass, and watch the clouds go by? If you liked that game, let us play it once more.

10 Amazing Hyperrealist Painters

In this digital age, capturing a moment in vivid details is no longer that impossible. But because we are humans and we can still appreciate beauty, we still admire a beautifully taken photograph. But wait until you see what these hyperrealistic painters can do.