Most Effective Workout Programs

If you are planning to get in shape in 2018, you need to be informed. Here are ten most effective workout programs that will help you get in shape the right way.

1. Capoeira Aerobic

Capoeira Aerobic combines elements of Brazilian martial arts, dance and sport. Capoeira Aerobic gives excellent results in the shortest time, helping you lose weight in a healthy way, without losing muscle mass. Capoeira Aerobic is good for toning muscles, especially the buttocks, thighs and abdomen. This type of workout is a challenge in terms of physical endurance, mobility and speed, and within an hour of intense workout, you can burn up to 1,000 calories. It also helps alleviate stress and maintain a positive mental tone.

2. Cardiolates

Cardiolates is a special class of Pilates executed on the rebound trampoline. It is basically a combination of Pilates with a pronounced cardio component. The jumps on the trampoline do not a significant impact on joints. Here are some amazing benefits of Cardiolates:

  1. Burning calories during training
  2. Lowering cholesterol
  3. Reducing stress and tension
  4. Stimulating the lymphatic system
  5. Balancing hormonal and nervous system
  6. Improving muscle tone
  7. Improving the functioning of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and increasing their adaptation to the effort
  8. Improving coordination and balance
  9. Increasing energy levels and vitality

3. Rebound Cardio

It is a type of intense cardiovascular workout, prolonged activities involving a certain intensity, in an aerobic system (the body uses oxygen for the energy it needs). Class consists of jumping on mini trampolines with different rhythms and tempos performed in a structure of 8 times. The minimal impact on joints is due to the elastic surface on which one lands, a springboard specially designed with a surface having a diameter of 120 cm. The exercises are executed in an alert rhythm and have a very pronounced cardiovascular effect.

4. Ballerina Body

Ballerina Body toning program is executed at a beginner ballet bar. The movements are graceful and effective and help you shape your muscles in a feminine and elegant manner, making use of varied and enjoyable toning exercises. The emphasis of this program is on the harmonious and feminine development of large muscles of the body, but are not neglected the most problematic areas of the female body – thighs are given special attention, also buttocks are a subject to “treatment”, while the abdomen and waist are trained in 5-10 minutes intervals to accelerate the elimination of fat.

The movements are slow and pleasant and the sequence of exercises helps you reshape your entire body.

5. Zumba

Zumba is a type of fitness recently emerged in the late ’90s, but only gained momentum in recent years. It combines typical movements of Latin dances such as salsa, samba, merengue with typical exercises and aerobic fitness, all accompanied by Latin music.

6. Kangoo Jumps

Kangoo Jumps is probably one of the latest and most effective workout programs in the world. Kangoo Jumps can only be practiced with Kangoo Jumps boots.

The authenticity of elliptical arcs (IPS Impact Protection System) is pressed at every step and thus neutralizes the impact with the ground. The result is an interesting bounce that protects joints and provides a feeling of power and lack of body weight, which could be compared to walking on air. The euphoria resulting from the use of Kangoo Jumps boots motivates us to use them increasingly more.

7. Kickboxing

Kickboxing is a defense mechanism that will teach you how to defend yourself in dangerous situations, armed or bare hands. It is not just a contact sport, but a sport in which the characteristic grace and style of boxing combines with kicks. Reasons you should take up kickboxing:

  1. learn how to discourage any person who is attacking you,
  2. learn how to avoid the impact of the attacker and how to attack his sensitive parts
  3. learn how to defend and how to focus 100% of your body’s power in every move you make

8. Aqua Gym

Aquagym is one of the most beneficial workout programs that tones and shapes your body while you distress it. It helps restore the body after accidents, it has no contraindications, it contributes to excess weight loss and tones the body while stimulating circulation, so it can be an effective therapy against cellulite. Improve your physical condition!

9. Jogging

Jogging is definitely one of the most popular ways to stay in shape and also a great cardio exercise. It trains your entire body and the best thing is that it is free. You are not convinced yet? Here are ten reasons why you should take up running.

10. Dance Classes

Although they don’t look like it, but dance classes burn a lot of calories, but you don’t realize it, because unlike a regular gym routine, with dance classes, you don’t feel the effort. You just have fun.

We hope our list of most effective workout programs will inspire you to start exercising as soon as possible. Which routine is your favorite?