breast milk ice cream

Just as the food industry and restaurant ventures come up every day with new and improved food combinations and dishes meant either to scare you forever to ever take a bite again or hook you for good, the ice – cream creators are in a ever – growing competition for providing the daring with new flavors and mixes that not seldom can be described as terrifying or at least debatable (as you know tastes aren’t something to discuss). And because we already covered chocolate as an everlasting source of inspiration, it’s ice cream time folks! If you already forgot about your traditional vanilla and chocolate ice and the more adventurous Macadamia nuts icy deserts, it’s time to make a step further in the world of odd tastes and flavors and see 10 new weird ice – cream flavors. Why new? Because apparently, the bacon – tasting ice – cream is already a thing of the past.

10. Curry Flavored Ice – Cream

curry ice cream

You can find it perfectly packed and ready to take home, as it is produced by Vosges Chocolates and it is said to taste better than curry itself, not to mention it has also sweet and coconut-y hints. Spicy ice cream is quite popular around the world and you will find quite often Asian – inspired blends or sweet – hot combinations which include honey and chilli or other flavors extracted from all sorts of plants and herbs, such as lavender for instance.

9. Goat Cheese Cashew Caramel Ice Cream

goat cheese ice cream

Now cheese – flavored ice cream is not quite the new rock star in town, as you can easily imagine some frozen cheesecake with some salty side – taste, not to mention that cashew and caramel go great together in cakes. But if you happen to visit Chicago, stop by the Black Dog Gelato and give this ice – cream a try, it already gathered lots of fans.

8. Creamed Cod Ice Cream

cod cream ice cream

London is known for its culinary non conformism when it comes to welcome its visitors with strange combinations of foods and George‚Äôs Portobello Fish Bar doesn’t make any exception. They commonly serve fish and chips, a traditional dish over there, but if you ask for their special desert, you will find yourself confused, as the plate looks like real fish with sides, when in truth, you have creamed cod ice cream and potato ice cream to turn you into an everlasting fan.

7. Octopus Ice Cream

octopus ice cream

On the other side of the world, the Japanese are fierce competitors in the business of creating new weird ice – cream flavors and no matter how inventive people are in Europe or the U.S., it’s the Japanese who took the cake with oyster – flavored ice cream a few years back, only to take things up a notch with octopus ice cream, something that keeps people over there in a constant state of taste buds’ joy.

6. Cheeseburger Ice Cream

cheeseburger ice cream

This could actually be something of great value for mankind: want a cheeseburger and ice – cream but fear high levels of cholesterol? Don’t you worry, Venezuela has got you covered! Heladeria Coromoto in Venezuela is world – famous for their imagination when it comes to blending new ice cream flavors, and they pride themselves with a 800 entries on the menu. But pizza, bacon, cheese or sea food ice creams are so yesterday! But the cheeseburger ice cream? This should be wonderland to say the least!

5. Parakeet Ice Cream

parakeet ice cream

You heard it right and if you are a bit curious, it’s Cockatiel and Parakeet and, of course, it has Japanese origins. There is a cafe there who serves pet bird ice cream and without intending to be gross or to horror your soul out, really, did you ever felt curious about your pet bird foot’s taste? As it is the approximate description of this ice cream: your Parakeet’s leg in your mouth. Well played, Japan!

4. Cicada Ice – Cream

cicada ice cream

It’s about time to play a more aggressive game: if the Japanese invent flavors you wouldn’t normally want to taste or bring in the sea wildlife in your ice – cream box, the Americans bring you the entire bug to the table, covered in chocolate and brown sugar and mixed in your vanilla ice cream. Yes, cicadas are bugs and once upon a time you could have tastes them in their full flavor in Columbia, Missouri, at Sparky’s Homemade Ice Cream. That batch is gone, but while you’re there, taste the Gooey Butter Cake Ice Cream, it sounds really delicious.

3. Garlic Ice Cream

garlic ice cream

Why would anybody in their right mind would eat garlic ice cream, as garlic is a date deal breaker in any possible universe, we can’t understand, but it is quite popular. In all honesty, this one gets to be served less like a desert and more like a stake sauce or even salad dressing, and if you look at it from this perspective, it doesn’t sound half bad either.

2. Horse Meat Ice Cream

horse meat ice cream

Guess where you can find ice cream blended with little chunks of raw horse meat in it! Japan, of course. Tokyo markets, to be exact, and if this Baashi ice doesn’t make you run away screaming, wait till you see our top choice in the new weird ice – cream flavors.

1. Breast Milk Ice Cream

breast milk ice cream

It happens in London. We can’t even begin to discuss this practice of collecting fresh breast milk from women and then turn the milk into cocktail – glass – served ice cream which goes by the very… original name of Baby Gaga, but if you want to enlighten yourselves with the story, here is one article to help you wrap your mind around the idea.