Friday, September 22, 2023

10 Social Bookmarking Plugins

We have tried to find the best options for social bookmarking and you can download the one that fits perfectly with your design or your needs. We use SocioFluid :)

10 Negative Space Illustrations

Check out these awesome illustrations made by Noma Bar from DU Illustrators.

Beautiful Photography: Alex Alekseev

Since then, he captured stunning views, despite the fact that he is just an amateur. We invite you to see ten great pictures:

10 Modern Chair Designs

Discover ten amazing creative modern chairs, each of them with a fresh, colorful and innovative design.

Pencil vs. Camera

Ben Heine had a great idea after seeing those masterpiece photos in photos

Free: 10 great apps!

Discover ten amazing freeware apps, all made for windows platform.

Paul David Bond – Abstract Images

Paul David Bond is an artist who made many abstract images, surrealistic and full of messages.

10 amazing CGI portraits

See some great computer generated images...