Gifting is one of the loveliest forms of human exchange and interaction, since it symbolizes a close bond between two people. Whether you choose to give someone a gift for a special occasion, such as a birthday, namesake day, major holiday or personal celebration, or you alternatively go spontaneous and just show up on their doorstep with something you know they’ll enjoy, gifts are great! However, the main thing to bear in mind about them is that they should always be personal and tell a story about the way in which you know, love and cherish the person you’re giving the gift to. If you want to surprise a loved one but are stumped for present ideas, read on below. We talked to the creative gift experts at Gorjuss and asked them for pointers, and this is what they came up with.

1. Desk Organizers

This is a particularly good gift idea if the gift-ee is usually very busy, or tends to clutter up their desk with loads of unnecessary items. There are loads of options here, which range from the classical, to more modern solutions for de-cluttering one’s desk. Wall units are available in a wide range of arrangements and colors, and can literally save up space on your desk by making storage room on the closest wall to your desk.

2. Kitchenware

Personalized, hand-made or otherwise creative kitchenware is a good gift idea since, let’s face it, the kitchen is one room we all visit at least once during the day—at the very least to enjoy our morning coffee. Don’t hesitate to spring for a cute mug or cereal-bowl-and-plate set, with matching spoons or teaspoons. Figure out your friend’s favorite character, movie or band and go for items which feature that theme.

3. Wall Décor

While wall décor makes for great gifts, you should always make sure the items you choose match the overall design of your friend’s home. For someone with more classical tastes choose a poster of a classical movie or a classic photo in poster-size. If your friend tends to be more contemporary, sophisticated or daring in taste, you can always go for a trendy wall decal, which either covers an entire wall or can beautify a chic corner of their home.

4. Creative Fashion Accessories

Don’t think that fashion accessories are only fit for women and girls. If you’re gifting a male friend, you can always buy them a set of tie pins, cufflinks or a belt. With the abundance of accessories’ crafters and DIY-ers out there, your best bet would be to shop online, since the selection is virtually limitless there. As with anything, it’s best to take into account your friend’s tastes in matters of fashion, and not simply buy them something you would enjoy.

5. Magic Kits

We bet you never thought of buying someone a magic kit as a gift, have you? Why are magic kits great gifts? First off because they’re obviously fun, then because they involve learning new tricks and skills in an entertaining manner, and then because they’re the type of gift that will keep on giving. Once your friend perfects a magic technique or two, they’ll be ready to do some entertaining at a house party or a dinner party with your other friends. Seeing your gift in action is possibly the most rewarding form of thanks, isn’t it?

6. Do-It-Yourself Kits

Is your friend in any way crafty or good with their hands? If they are, chances are they’ll be delighted to learn how to make and do things. It could be pottery, paper crafts such as origami or fabric crafts. They can start beading, weaving or knitting—whatever kit you choose, make sure you’ll have at least a slight idea that they’ll enjoy it. Look around their home, see if you can spot any handcrafted items. If you can, then this is definitely a good gift idea.

7. Gadget Cases and Holders

At the other end of the gift spectrum, there are gadget and mobile device cases and holders. There are also loads of skins for personalizing one’s smart phone and tablet available. If your friend seems to be addicted to their laptop, perhaps they could use a new laptop bag… The important thing to bear in mind here is screen size for laptops and tablets, as well as make and model for smart phones, since not all cases and holders work with all brands.

8. Stationery

Stationery might seem like an outdated gift idea. After all, who writes letters and postcards nowadays? But do think of your friend for a second. Are they the bookish type? Do they enjoy reading the classics, such as Jane Austen or the Bronte sisters? If they are and if they do, we’re willing to wager that they’ll appreciate your retro-inspired gift idea.

9. Photo Frames

Do you think photo frames are too generic a gift idea? Think again. Go online and browse for such items, and we guarantee you’ll be virtually amazed with the range and the variety available on the market. From classical frames in massive wood, to handcrafted frames, to electronic or digital frames which can also double as radios or alarm clocks, we’re sure you can find a solution that fits your friend’s personality.

10. Books

A book is always a good gift idea, and it’s not strictly reserved for people who read on a regular basis. There are many companies which offer personalized books as gifts, be they books with inspirational quotes or lifestyle tips, or personalized astrology or numerology reports. If your friend is into music, TV series or pop-culture, there is a large selection of bios and other branded published products to satisfy their thirst for knowledge. Trust us, you can never go wrong with a book—as long as you know your friend at least a little.