Even though we live in a society that rarely ever repairs things, preferring to replace them instead, sometimes you just can’t get away without doing some handy work around the house. And since repairmen are not always around, and when they are, they charge a nifty sum, it’s always useful to have a couple of tools around the house for a little bit of DIY. Let’s have a look at ten of these that will come in handy.

1. Screwdriver

Everyone has a screwdriver. If you don’t have one, get one. From furniture to electronics, one of these comes in handy, especially if it’s one of those multi-tools with interchangeable bits.

2. Allen keys

These come in different sizes, just like screwdrivers, and it`s best if you have a set of them laying around. You only realize how important they are when you don’t have them and can’t put together that lovely little book-shelf you just bought.

3. Pliers

They bend things, they cut things, and they grip things. Bottom line, they are quite the useful multi-purpose tool. Get a sturdy pair and they’ll last a lifetime, and serve you well every time you decide to build, repair, or take something apart. Did we mention they come in multiple sizes and shapes?

4. Adjustable wrench

These sturdy tools are adjustable in diameter and come in handy whenever nuts and bolts are involved. If you’re thinking of doing a little plumbing, or some engine work on your car, don’t start your project without one. Because of its adjustability it replaces up to four or five regular wrenches, saving you some space in the toolbox.

5. Hammer

From mundane tasks like hanging a painting, to tearing down a wall, hammers of all shapes and sizes are useful to have. Just be careful not to hit your fingers in the process, or the next project you’ll be planning is paying your medical bills!

6. Exacto knife

Whenever you need a sharp and accurate tool for cutting designs and patterns from plastic, cardboard, paper, or any other similar materials, an Exacto knife is the tool for you. Careful, though, the blade is really dangerous and needs to be handled with care.

7. Drill

Because sometimes, you just need to put a hole in something! Drills come in various sizes and power ratios, depending on their intended use. Be sure to use the right type of drill-bit and correct power setting for the material you’re trying to drill through.

8. Staple gun

Every hard-core DIY fan knows that at some point, they will need to staple something to something else. And we don’t mean those flimsy office staples, either.  Heavy duty staples fired by staple guns are good for drywall, plywood, fabrics, and other similar materials. Plus, the gun looks cool!

9. Hot glue gun

Since we’re talking guns, this one melts a solid bar into hot, liquid glue. It’s useful for fixing or reinforcing furniture, as well as many awesome DIY builds that require parts being stuck together permanently.

10. Tape measure

You want to be as accurate as possible when you’re building, modifying, or repairing something. It wouldn’t be too impressive if your new kitchen counter, which you built with blood, sweat and tears, didn’t fit in your kitchen, would it? Be sure to have a tape measure in your home tool-kit so that doesn’t happen!