Practicing sports has its own rules. Besides those general rules known by most people who are making some sort of physical exercise, there are many other tricks that can streamline training. The execution, the type of exercise according to your expectations, time vs. difficulty are all important issues when working out.

Therefore, it is necessary to know a few tricks that can help you get the expected results. So. Let’s go through our selection of ten tips for a perfect workout.

1. Pass the resistance test with flying colors

That would actually translate in beginning your exercises routine with mild, moderate exercise and increase in intensity and duration only when the body is accustomed to that level. How can you tell if you have passed the test of strength? When you talk easily while doing sport, it means that you can perform harder exercises or you can increase the length of training.

2. Our principle: shorter, more intense workouts are the best

Spectacular results are not given by hours spent in the gym. Sport does not necessarily mean quantity, but quality. So, the way you conceive your training is more important. For example, opt for just 40-45 minutes of weight lifting and cardio exercises. After the first 10 minutes of cardio, increase the intensity for 30 seconds, then go back to the initial level, then sprint again another 30 seconds. Repeat this cycle three times and you definitely will burn more calories, you will develop strength and improve your cardiovascular system.

3. Slowly contract and relaxes the muscles, focusing on each stage

Many tend to give more importance to muscle contracting phase – when executing crunches, lunges, squats etc. However, you should know that both stages – contracting and relaxing, are just as important. Focus on each one and do not relax the muscles too quickly when returning to the original position. Also, in the case of crunches, maintain contraction of abdominal muscles and in the second stage as well.

4. Opt for exercises that train several muscle groups

You will be able to shape your body easier and faster when you opt for exercises that work out all at the same time several muscle groups: lunges, pushups, genuflexions, rowing, elliptical trainer are all suitable for this purpose.

5. Take breaks of 1-2 minutes between sets of exercises

It is recommended to take a break for 1-2 minutes between sets of harder exercises. Total rest is not recommended, but rather only light exercise such as jogging, walking etc.

6. Sprints when running on the treadmill

As with the other exercises, sprinting from time to time during the running, then return to the original speed will increase strength and you will burn a lot more calories.

7. The order matters: heating, weight lifting, cardio exercises

For an effective workout, you should follow this order: heating your body for ten minutes, lifting weights followed by a cardio running. This will prevent injury and you will soon get rid of fat deposit , especially those in the abdomen.

8. Lift weights for better endurance

This type of exercise is also very important in the training. Start with lighter weights and get used to the way of execution. Then move on to some more difficult, but do not modify or alter your technique.

9. Bigger steps for a beautifully shaped body

Whenever you go jogging or run on the treadmill at the gym, remember to make some bigger steps. With this trick, you will work out more muscles in buttocks and legs.

10. Walking and jogging – ideal activities for burning fat deposits

If you experience this problem, walking, jogging or even walking on the treadmill can help you. In order to work out your abdominal muscles, you should try to tilt the treadmill at the gym.

So, when are you going to start exercising the right way? Do you know any other tips for an efficient workout? Make sure you leave a comment bellow.