Movies and cars have gone together hand in hand since the dawn of the movie industry. Good guys, bad guys, heroes or villains, everybody had and still has a trademark ride. Since cars became known to mankind, the whole industry took leaps that nobody could have ever imagined at that time. Cars definitely have changed our entire history and some of them made some movies and their main characters unforgettable. Sometimes the cars in films or TV shows almost stand for the show itself, or are so much associated with the characters, they ended up defining them as well. From the street straight to the screen, let’s have a look at ten cars that made history.

1. The Batmobile

No matter its model or evolution over time, the Batmobile can almost be mistaken for the man himself. There wouldn’t be any Dark Night without his super-hi-tech ride used to roam the streets of Gotham, imposing respect and scaring the souls out of the villains.

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2. The Bond Car

Any Bond car was awesome in its special way, but today we look at the Aston Martin DB5, used in Goldfinger in 1964. Why is this one so particular? Because it became the standard of comparison for all spy – movie cars from then on. In 2010, this iconic ride sold in an auction for $4.6 million.

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3. The DeLorean

This car got so many people back to the future, as this 80’s famous motion picture made history telling a fantastic story. Despite the fame it reached through the movie, it was never equaled in the streets, as the company failed to sell the DeLorean at a profitable quota. Still, we will always have the movie and the adventure.

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4. The Hunters’ Ride

Of course, we are talking about the Winchester Brothers, the two cool characters in the world-wide known TV series “Supernatural”. Their Chevrolet Impala 67 carried them through terrific journeys and suffered terrible mistreatment, but, in all fairness, the Impala is a great ride both in reality and in the show’s alternative one.

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5. Christine

The Plymouth Fury¬† is not just a car in a movie, it’s the movie’s main character. Written by Stephen King and adapted to the silver screen by John Carpenter in 1983, Christine almost stands for “pure evil”. Despite “her” bad reputation, this mechanized character with a thing for murder will always remain in our minds as one of the most powerful characters ever created.

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6. Mad Max’s Manifesto

Now that’s a car that will blow your mind… and an army standing in front of it. This Ford XB Falcon is a symbol for Mad Max and his story. It looked ferocious, unstoppable, powerful and yet elegant. Tuned in a very original way that would give Top Gear crew members an adrenaline push, the car gave Max his fame and force to fight against villains.

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7. Eleanor

It’s hard to believe anyone will forget any time soon the moment between Nick Cage’s character and his Nemesis: Eleanor, the car which brought him so much trouble in the past.¬† He talked to her, petted her, swooned her as if he was courting the most beautiful and out-of-reach women on Earth. The Shelby GT500 from the motion picture “Gone in 60 seconds” had its featured exaggerated and ever since, the real car is built upon those lines. And yes, they are elegant, classy, incredible fast and reliable cars. Just as the ladies are…

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8. Mystery Machine Van

Scooby-Dooby-Dooooo! A cartoon series which turned into a movie which made children and adolescents all over the world to fall in love with the lunatic lazy coward “detective” dog Scooby and the gang of mystery hunters. Without the Mystery Van they wouldn’t be able to travel anywhere and they’ve been traveling since 1969.

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9. Iron Man

…and product placement? It actually doesn’t matter, as the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist superhero Tony Stark couldn’t look any better than in his 2008 Audi R8. All Iron Man movies feature all sorts of super cars, but he made his entrance with this Audi and from then on, things were never the same…

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10. Starsky and Hutch

Every dynamic duo needs a ride to rise to the expectations. This cop show featured a couple of the most beloved characters of all times and, of course, their car had to be an imposing one. But the Ford Gran Torino also a character in itself, as Clint Eastwood movie “Grand Torino” revolved around a man and the symbols his car was bearing for anyone wise enough to open their eyes.

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