10 Awesome Things You Can See at a Comic – Con

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It doesn’t matter if it’s in San Diego, New York or, more recently, in Eastern Europe, Comic Con’s are places that gather together kindred spirits and fans of all things fantasy, from games to books, movies and comics. It represents a movement, a place where people with similar tastes and passions live together for a few days the feeling of belonging to one universal love. So what are these wonders of Comic Con the visitors can enjoy? Let’s take a look!

1. Cosplay

Derived from two words, costume and play, cosplay is a hobby that allows fans to dress up as their favorite fictional character. Some do it for years, becoming actual icons in the world of cosplay, while others try to overcome the shyness and present themselves in the most peculiar, fantastic and colorful costumes. It is a pleasure of seeing them and being part of their world.


2. Panels

You can get a chance to meet your favorite actor, writer, director, as well as other people from the fiction entertainment industry, ask them questions, get their picture taken, get an autograph you can brag about for the rest of your life.


3. Collectibles

Comic Con’s are the best places to buy, sell or trade collectibles – anything from comic strips to action figures and movie props. Flyers, posters, stickers, badges, T-Shirts, you name it, they will be there.


4. Real sets and props from real movies

If you ever wondered how the bat mobile looks like from up-close, or how it feels to be in the driver’s seat of the De Lorean from Back to the Future, you will probably find these, or others scenes and props at Comic Cons.


5. Like-minded spirits

Said it before, say it again, this is a place for brothers to meet. Nothing gives you a sense of belonging more than being among those who share the same passions and hobbies with you. Comic Cons are places where fiction geeks of all types and ages come together like a big family.


6. New and interesting things you didn’t know about

Like… artists that you never heard of, but they’re there to show you their works. You can actually pop into a movie casting going on right there on the spot, or a book signing by a writer who just released tomorrow’s best seller.


7. Arts and crafts

Painted T-shirts, jewelery inspired from the most famous fictional characters in the history, superhero masks, hand-made portraits, face-painting and so on. Want to have fun? There’s the place to be!


8. Gaming

Whether is computer games or board-games, every Comic Con has a section specially dedicated to gaming aficionados. Some Cons even include gaming championships, and the prizes are not always symbolical. People actually prepare for such competitions and they participate in teams and tandems. It is a very serious activity that is going on there and every gamer wishes to take part at least once in their life time.


9. Gadgets

If you have a sweet tooth for the latest advancements in high-tech, you are likely to find a booth at any Comic Con showcasing the newest, weirdest gizmos ever invented. Software or hardware, this might be the corner of heaven every computer passionate will love to test.


10. A good time

It doesn’t matter why you are there, all that matters is that you are there. Spending a day or two with friends, living the dream, impersonating the icon, lurking around with a comics under your arm or hunting for a photo with your favorite star, laughing and wondering, this is what Comic Con is all about.


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