10 Movie Villains You Love to Hate

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The movie world is full of superheroes of all kinds and we all have a favorite one. It doesn’t matter if they are comic iconic figures or down right characters that stood the test of time, any good movie has a hero, and many movies offered the world unforgettable figures that became legends. But every hero has a Nemesis, a counterpart or just a super-villain that stood out so well, the world became fond of, in a strange way, as there are a lot of negative characters also famous and important, and without their presence, some movies would have certainly been less successful. So today we take a look to ten of those villains that we loved to hate.

1. The Joker

Batman has a long history with the Joker, in comics and in movies. This “beyond mental” character is one of the most dark, twisted and evil of the villains world wide, and if Heath Ledger’s role play pops to your mind, than both him and his part did their job. The world lost a treasure when Ledger left it way too soon, but his Joker will remain forever as the one of the most powerful anti-heroes of all times.


2. Agent Smith

This flat, multiplying, evil character stood up to Neo and explained to the entire world the concept of the Matrix. He will not be forgotten soon, due to his cynicism, his lack of emotion or compassion. A frightening character and one who will always give us shivers down our spines.


3. Darth Vader

Does he need any other presentation? Vader is not just a villain, he is a supreme villain, due to his background story, he became a cult, he became an icon and there is no science-fiction fan out there to not know who he is. Like him or not, joining the dark side or not, Darth Vader is a villain the world will remember even after he’ll be long gone.


4. Captain Barbossa

Not a bad guy, but a guy who’s playing bad out of special circumstances that occurred during his life, Jack Sparrow’s antagonist is a villain people ended up loving. Scheming, manipulative,¬† somehow fair and definitely having some decency, rare traits for a pirate, Barbossa is a complex, surprising character.


5. Hannibal Lecter

The Man. The Monster. Played by genius Anthony Hopkins, the movies starring this amazing actor and his character made history. You fear him, but you want to pick his brains. You are repulsed by his actions, but you want to have a chat with him about fate, God and the Universe. You love to hate him and hate for being so attracted to him. Memorable.


6. Loki

He played a good part in Thor, but he kicked ass in Avengers. Evil, with a devilish look on his face, a twisted humor and some very twisted ways of making his plan work, he eventually failed, but man, what a ride he offered us!


7. Col. Hans Landa

We all love Brad Pitt and especially the cast of misfits starring in the much-appraised “Inglorious Basterds”, but Christoph Waltz deserved his Oscar like no other for impersonating Col. Hans Landa. Diabolical, calm, superior and representing pure evil, Landa became one of those villains that impressed the whole world.


8. Voldemort

Maybe one of the most impressive impersonations of evil in all contemporary movies, Voldemort is the perfect antagonist and the Harry Potter series would be nothing without him.


9. Jack of all trades

Not a movie super villain, but a TV series, Jack made the world shiver in his times of glory, having the difficult role of inducing terror without much effort, if at all. Jack remained famous as his character is complex, has a diabolical mind and his ability to psychologically terrorize  people became a legend.


10. HAL 9000

The movie industry released an entire series of evil computers, but HAL is a classic and the source for them all to come next. This machine so smart, so evolved and so diabolical turned into an icon and no Space Odyssey 2001 fan will argue against its power and legendary proneness to evil.


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