Saturday, June 3, 2023

10 Negative Space Illustrations

Check out these awesome illustrations made by Noma Bar from DU Illustrators.

10 of The Most Beautiful Classical Lighthouses in the World

Lighthouses are not only useful, but also beautiful constructions, full of history and loaded with legends. The mystical globe that surrounds the lighthouses is completed by the picturesque of the areas in which lighthouses are usually built.

10 Highest Statues in the World

Highest statues in the world were lifted to serve a serious purpose, as their impressive size and the huge amounts of money spent on it talk about the significance of the characters which reached such overwhelming proportions. They were destined to make a deep impact upon people and they do their job.

10 Superb Collections from Madame Alexander

Beatrice Alexander created the Madame Alexander dolls in 1923 and her first doll was based on the character Scarlett O’Hara from the book and...

10 Great Ideas for Valentine’s Day Gifts

Pink bows, candy boxes, red hearts, lovers lost on fluffy clouds of sentimentality, sugar-coated declarations, Valentine's day message, naughty outfits and many more sweet...

Ten TV Shows That Have Been Around Longer Than We Can Remember

We simply couldn’t imagine a world without television shows. Some of them good, some of them really bad, some who’ve gone on for ages and others that have been cancelled much too early. Today we list ten shows that have been on our TV screens since they were huge, black and white, and came with only six channels.
10 Worst Places in the World to Get Busted by the Cops and North Korea

10 Worst Places in the World to Get Busted by the Cops

Travelling is good. Travelling broadens your mind and lets you make new friends. It also exposes you to some of the worst places on...
movies you need to watch

10 Movies you need to See in 2015

  Do you need an excuse to stay in tonight or the exactly the opposite, to go out? Well, you might thank us for this...
Summer Recipes

10 Awesome Summer Recipes

  The summer is right around the corner, so we decided to share with you some summer recipes that you will definitely enjoy. These summer...

10 Breathtaking Pictures of Africa

Africa is maybe the most beautiful continent in the world. We find here stunning landscapes, a great diversity of animals and plants, good people and, according to some strong theories, the origin of human being. But Africa is also a continent full of problems. Poverty is the most important. We hope that one day, we'll live togetherin a better world, with less problems, with food and water for everybody. They don't deserve to be forgotten.