Friday, September 22, 2023
Breaking Bad logo

10 Best Quotes from Breaking Bad

Yes, we know that Breaking Bad is long gone, but we got a little nostalgic for a good TV show. So, here are 10 best quotes from Breaking Bad, for those who need a...
Games Like GTA V

10 Awesome Games Like GTA V

Do you crave for some more games like GTA V because you finished the game and the entire series, for that matter? Well, there are other great open-world games out there that are just...
Star Wars Pick Up Lines

Star Wars Pick Up Lines: 10 Awesome Choices

You’re a Star Wars fan, the crush you are trying to woo is a Star Wars fan. What is there to do? If you hit them with some smooth Star Wars pick up lines...
Famous Cartoon Dogs

10 Awesome Famous Cartoon Dogs that We Love

Any form of media is a thousand times better with a dog. Life, in general, is a thousand times better with a dog. It’s the easiest way to get people attached to a character...

10 Best Panama City Beach Resorts

Panama City beach resorts provide awesome opportunities for leisure, fun in the sun and complete, all-inclusive relaxation. Located in Panama City, FL, all these resorts have the great advantage of being located right on the beach, and each comes with its distinctive set of perks.
Fun Hobbies

10 Fun Hobbies For Couples

There are ways to spice up a relationship without resorting to, well, the kind of “spices” that everyone is probably thinking of. Part of the joy of being in a relationship is having a...
Pink Star Diamond - Rarest Gemstones On Earth

10 Rarest Gemstones On Earth

Gems are one of the most beautiful gifts Mother Nature has to offer us. This beautiful and unassuming planet is home to some of the most mesmerizing gems. If you didn't know any better,...
Woman playing violin

The Most Expensive Violin in the World

INTRODUCTIONNo other instrument has seen as much of a rapid increase in resale value as violins have. The most expensive violin ever sold is by itself a staggering purchase. And the others that have...
a female doctor putting on surgical gloves

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs

With the average cost of college now climbing to nearly $35,000 per year, it makes sense that people want to know what the highest paying jobs are. After all, you want a good return...
Accredited Online Colleges

Top 10 Accredited Online Colleges – Scholastic Opportunities

Pursuing post-secondary education is the single most advantageous career step most people can take. In fact, if you finish college, you can expect to earn as much as 50 percent...