Ten Doctor Who Gadgets you Wish you Had

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The iconic sci-fi television series Doctor Who from BBC is one of the longest running shows in history, celebrating its’ fiftieth anniversary this year. Throughout the show, the Doctor, his enemies, and his companions use a series of gadgets that you surely wish you had, if only to make your life a bit more exciting. Let’s see what ten of those gadgets are.

1. The Sonic Screwdriver

This little gizmo is the space-age equivalent of the Swiss army knife. It does anything you can think of: opens doors, rewrites computer code, analyzes data, interferes with devices, but remember: unlike a normal screwdriver, the Sonic doesn’t work on wood!



The famed space and time traveling blue police box that is larger on the inside and can take you to any point and any moment in the Universe is surely the crown jewel on our list. Just imagine what you could do with one of those! The possibilities are limitless!


3. Psychic Paper

A piece of paper that shows people what they want to see and can get you past any security check? A piece of ID that can make you anyone you wish to be? Surely, that must be high on the Christmas list of any self-respecting Doctor Who fan, and for good reason, too! Think about it – you’d never have to buy another concert ticket ever again!


4. The Dalek death-ray

This ominous looking whisk-like device is the weapon of the most feared race in the Universe. While the Daleks may not look threatening, they have sent many generations of Doctor Who fans cowering behind the couch with their “Exterminate” war chant and their death-ray. Having one of those would at least make you look cool, if not feared and hated throughout the vastness of time and space!


5. The Vortex Manipulator

Sort of like a portable time-machine, the Vortex Manipulator was first used on the show by Captain Jack Harkness, and was a very useful, if slightly uncomfortable device that allowed the wearer to travel through time and space, without the benefits of a Tardis. If you can’t get your hands on a blue police box, then this is the next best thing to have!


6. River Song’s hallucinogenic lipstick

Forget hypnosis, this little device is like the psychic paper, for girls! Put it on, kiss someone, and they’ll think and see whatever you want them to. How awesome would it be to have one of those? We’ll never know, but in any case, it would come in handy when you’re trying to talk someone into doing something for you.


7. The defabricator

Originally a tool that “defabricated” clothes by making them disappear, Jack Harkness managed to turn it into a powerful weapon by tweaking the settings. In any case, this device would come in handy when you’re trying to get someone naked really fast. Yes, yes, we know, you’re thinking dirty thoughts right now, but we forgive you. The defabricator has a place on our list just because it’s an awesome idea and we’re sure you wish you had one!


8. K-9

Admit it! Who wouldn’t want a robotic dog that has laser weapons and is great company? On the other hand, walking a robot dog from the year 5000 through the park may attract some unwanted attention…but still, of all the gadgets from the Whoniverse,  K-9 is one of the friendliest. And most useful!


9. The Sonic Blaster

Again, a device wielded by Jack Harkness, it’s sort of like the older, more brutal cousin of the Sonic Screwdriver. It’s dangerous, it’s a weapon, it’s cool. Do you need any more reasons to want one? Plus, this one seems to work on wood, as well.


10. The anti-gravity motorcycle

This is one of the most recent devices to appear on the show, introduced in the latest episode. It’s basically a Triumph motorcycle…that can climb up walls. We need not say more. Motorcycles are cool on any given day, but when you get one that has anti-gravitational capabilities, you’ll surely be the envy of your local Hell’s Angels chapter.





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