Saturday, June 3, 2023

10 Movies With Vin Diesel You Don’t Want To Miss

Vin Diesel is, with no doubt, one of those actors that impress by looks and skills to make an action-packed movie become a blockbuster. He is very much associated with the Fast and Furious series, but he is also known for other films that went well in the box-office, making him the man who checked almost 15 million dollars for destroying over 200 cars. So let's see ten of the movies that made Vin Diesel the star he is now.

Ten Awesome Cartoon Shows You Don’t Want the Little Ones to Watch

They’re raunchy, they’re funny, and they’re vulgar and sometimes downright gory. Let’s have a look at ten cartoon shows you definitely don’t want to watch with your kids on a Sunday afternoon. These shows will make you laugh, or will make your stomach turn, but they continue to entertain a large number of viewers worldwide.

10 Great Fine Art Landscape Photography Examples

In the era of digital cameras and smartphones with lots of megapixels to their built-in cameras, fine art landscape photography is hard to come by.

10 Great Ideas for Valentine’s Day Gifts

Pink bows, candy boxes, red hearts, lovers lost on fluffy clouds of sentimentality, sugar-coated declarations, Valentine's day message, naughty outfits and many more sweet...

10 Awesome Less Known Movies

Before we present our list of awesome less known movies, you will ask if you are fed up with seeing the same boilerplate movies...

Top 10 Car Sound Systems

A sound system is the most demanded accessory that anyone wants in a car. Some people even prefer this over AC or leather seats, as they find it much more entertaining and a better way to relax when coming home from work. Although most quality systems are pretty expensive, their owners say they are worth every penny.

Top 10 Strangest Hobbies in the World

Some of us have extremely bizarre hobbies. We collect, for example, a lot of useless objects that we think are valuable. We don't know...

Paul David Bond – Abstract Images

Paul David Bond is an artist who made many abstract images, surrealistic and full of messages.

10 Amazing and Weird Fruits

If you thought bananas, kiwis and mango were exotic fruits, then think again! Nature was very generous and imaginative when creating some small interesting (allegedly delicious) wonders ...

Steve Jobs: 10 Surprising Things You Did Not Know About Him

Now, that Steve Jobs resigned from his function as a CEO of Apple, due to his health problems, we could say that an era ended. Who knows if Apple will be innovative as before, now that its founder is capitulating to a disease, with which he had been fighting for 7 years? Officially he is still in the chairman of the board, probably for the sake of the company’s shares, which dropped 7 % the night when Steve Jobs resigned