Sunday, October 1, 2023

10 Terrible Construction Ideas And Solutions

This world is the witness of brilliant architectural and interior design ideas that not only were considered revolutionary at their time, but may be considered true works of art. Buildings, house complexes, architectural wonders, interiors that make you shiver in admiration and respect for the ones who created them and left them as legacy. At the other end, though, this world is also the witness of horrible, completely uninspired and down right stupid construction solutions, designs and projects that qualify as grotesque and completely useless. So let's take a look of some constructions, be them exterior or interior, that will blow your mind.

10 Strange Phobias That Really Do Exist

Phobias are indeed disturbing cognitive - emotional behavioral disorders that should be appropriately treated. Fear of airplane flying, fear of narrow spaces, fear of the dark, these are the usual phobias people complain of and seek specialized help for.

10 Frequently Told Lies And Their Possible Meanings

You're going to be late for work? What you do? You call the boss and tell him about an incredible adventure you were part of on your way to the office. You drank too much and don't want your partner to know about? Invent a stomach flu. Seeing somebody else in the same time? Not good, but you still have a story in your sleeve, ready to pop out in a crisis situation. People lie. And yes, it is wrong, but sometimes you go against morals or fairness and you just want to save your sorry... you know. So let's take a look on ten most common lies people are so used to tell, they don't even sound like lies anymore.

10 Most Famous and Dangerous Prisons in the World

Prisons - the unbreakable and the famous ones especially - led to a strange fascination in people all over the world. Alcatraz, maybe the most famous of them all, became a subject of study and interest for the book and movie industry and let's face it, we all love a prison-break movie.

Ten Logical Fallacies That Will Lose You a Debate

Sometimes people can be so dedicated to proving they’re right, that they completely ignore common sense and logic in presenting arguments for their ideas. Let’s have a look at ten logical fallacies you might have used, or that might have been used by others in an argument with you, so you know what to avoid doing next time you’re trying to make a point.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Successful People

None of us admit easily to this but success is something that we don’t take lightly and we make all efforts to ensure that...

10 Pick-Up Lines That May Make a Girl Laugh and Give You a Chance

Men are hunters. Always have, always will, they will become restless around a beautiful woman and they would try to pick her up, sometimes only for the fun of it and without thinking too much ahead in the future. They like the flirt, the game, the innuendo. And while it is also true that some are really desperate to get a date, others show a self-confidence and a relaxed attitude that will actually at least make women feel entertained, if not downright impressed.
10 Life Lessons By Albert Einstein (1)

10 Amazing Life Lessons by Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was a genius, who made incredible contributions to the world of science, including the theory of relativity. He was the founder of...