Sunday, October 1, 2023

10 Life Lessons from “Sex and the City”

“Sex and the City” was released in 1998. Yes, exactly 15 years have passed since. However, Sex and the City remains one of the...
dangerous cities

10 Dangerous Cities In The World

Making a top of the most dangerous cities in the world is not an easy task, the lists change year after year. Some time ago, Chicago was, and still is considered the world's crime capital. But let's face it, just because Chicago has an interesting crime history and something that looks like a proneness to violence, there are other cities in this world that are basically imbued in constant acts of crime. There are cities out there which can scare even the most spectacular team of super heroes and if you think the Expendables can take a quiet walk in the park in some of these towns, think again! Today we will see (from the distance, as nobody dares to travel in those virtually war zones) the top ten most dangerous cities in the world.

10 Funny Car Number Plates

The funny car number plates are well known to Internet surfers that stumble upon them in all sorts of places and can't stop but wondering who are these people who drive by in their cars bearing sometimes the most absurd, funny, vulgar or offensive license plates. And how is that nobody tells them it's not OK? But let's face it, if they didn't have this twisted imagination of picking funny number plates and if they all realized that the joke's on them, we wouldn't have fun anymore. So let's see ten of these incredible car plates and thank their owners for the laughs.

10 Outrageous Conversations in the Court of Law

The Court of Law is a place where major decision are taken, where people come to find justice and sometimes... to laugh or be outraged. We all enjoy a lawyer joke from time to time, more than enjoying having to need one, but history registered some attorney - witness conversations that can actually blow somebody's mind. No, there are not the famous final closings we see in the movies, where the attorney delivers such a brilliant speech, emphasized with so irrefutable arguments and emotional weight that you want to leave everything and go to Law School. Today we won't talk about these performances but others more... dumb, if we are allowed to speak our minds. Some of these conversations have been recorded over the years and circulated the world for a while, books were written, web-sites were made and, unfortunately, the content is very very sad. Among them, we chose to present you only ten of them, not for a second wishing to undermine the authority of the attorneys of today's world or the good reputation of people, but just as a friendly reminder that some Courts of Law may be sometimes the scene of some absurd comedies.

10 Ways To Spot a Moron

Today we will sweep through ten of the most obvious signs that should warn a woman that the new-found guy may not be the best idea she had lately.

10 Famous People Who Ignored Failures and Found Success

Today we will meet ten famous (incredibly famous we might say) people who have been told they will never get where they were headed, professionally or personally speaking, people who counted an incredible great number of failures before achieving their life mission. These people gained world wide respect and now they look back and teach us the lesson of patience, perseverance and courage to follow our dreams. So let's listen to their stories.

10 Famous Serial Killers

The serial killers, monsters hidden behind a human appearance, made the subject not only for the horror events that took place while they were active, but for a general awareness that these kind of people can walk and talk among us.

10 Weird Laws And Regulations Across The World

We all want to respect the laws, as much as we can and be good citizens, with clean records and high standard moral values. Or at least, in theory. But what do we do when we go to other countries and face some odd laws and regulations, or even hear about them?

10 Scary Places On Earth

We all love a good scary, let alone a good horror movie from time to time. Humans' fascination with everything that is frightening, with mysteries, dark places and corners of the world that have an intricate, creepy history, often associated with violence and death is well exploited by the modern arts, be them books, movies or even music.

10 Odd Things Happening Only In China

Today we take a look on some events, facts and data that are bizarre, indeed, and yet they take place in modern China.