Sunday, October 1, 2023

The Essential 10 Wedding Item Checklist

It’s no secret, nor is it rocket science or brain surgery that weddings are stressful events. However, they still keep happening, in spite of the tantrums and the Bride-zillas, in spite of the recession which keeps driving costs upwards and your dream day plans down the drain.

10 Awesome Online Dating Sites

Online dating sites have become very popular lately. There are so many happy couples who met on the Internet and they are now very thankful to this kind of communities. However, it is true that lots of sites are useless and you can't do anything else than waste your time there.

10 Weirdest Reasons for a Divorce

There is nothing easier these days than getting a divorce and you don’t need much of a reason either. From too much cleaning to having being nicknamed and from too much baking to listening to a bird’s talk, these people did not put much value on their marriage. Let’s take a look at the weirdest reasons that people found in order to live their partners, sometimes, after dozens of years of living together.

10 Inappropriate Relationships in the World of Celebrities

Here are some celebrities who found themselves at one point –or still are- in inappropriate relationships which shock their fans and irritates public opinon. Here are 10 celebrities that should not have been together!