Sunday, October 1, 2023

10 Awesome Van Gogh Prints

It's time to make a list with prints from one of the greatest, if not the greatest Dutch post-impressionist painter.

10 Mysterious Regions on Earth

It is the nature of man to widen his horizons and conquer uncharted territories. But even in this day of modern exploration and technology, there are parts of our home planet that still defy some explanation. It's too bad that humans don't live long, really. Because we could use some explanation regarding the following places.

10 Great Fine Art Landscape Photography Examples

In the era of digital cameras and smartphones with lots of megapixels to their built-in cameras, fine art landscape photography is hard to come by.

Mapcuts by Karen O’Leary

These are so cool. Maps of cities cut from big pieces of paper.

10 Superb Collections from Madame Alexander

Beatrice Alexander created the Madame Alexander dolls in 1923 and her first doll was based on the character Scarlett O’Hara from the book and...

Awesome Stone Art

For your inspiration, see these ten awesome drawings on stones, in a new form of art. Once again, we can say that the creativity is limitless.

10 Weird Paintings by Sergey Tyukanov

The paintings of Sergey Tyukanov are rich in colors, in characters, in details, delightful the eyes from the first sight. Each work is like a little world, where people live upon different rules. Proportions are not respected, surrealism is the most important concept and traces of the Russian customs and traditional costumes may be spotted without much difficulty.

10 Amazing Tattoos on Beautiful Girls

Tattoos were once considered the mark of punkers, rebels, convicts and rock stars, but nowadays the tattoo has become an essential „ accessory” in the world of...
Sculptural Ensemble of Constantin Brancusi

10 Most Famous Sculptures in the World

Over the centuries, the great artists of the world have left humanity with a priceless cultural heritage. The art of sculpture, which gave birth...

10 Brooding Cityscapes by Jeremy Mann

Jeremy Mann is a Fine Art-Painter who graduated the University of Ohio with a Cum Laude degree. He has also won a Valedictorian honor...