Sunday, October 1, 2023

Ten Awesome Sports Games

Gaming is big business and, hey, so are sports. And, of course, multi-billion dollar businesses go better together. That’s why sports games have long...

10 Best Free Movie Sites

Sometimes the best cinema is in the comfort of our homes. You only need a computer or a TV and an internet connection and...
Mattie Turley is one of the persons involved in an Ouija board related crime.

5 Ouija Board Related Crimes

What is a Ouija board, you say (or ouiji board, oujia board, ouji board or quija board, depending on spelling used)? It is is a relatively popular device...
80s Commercials

10 Awesome 80s Commercials

What do you think of when you look back on the 80s? Aside from the horrible fashion sense, obviously. In fact, it’s a bit...

This 100-Year-Old Photo Has Not Been Photoshopped

The three peasant girls were shot by the Russian photographer Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky in 1909, who was renowned for taking the only known color photo of Leo Tolstoy, in 1908. This photo has no fancy effects, no Photoshop and no tricks at all. It was was taken using the Harris Shutter Effect, which occurs when a frame is re-exposed in red, green and blue filters. The Harris shutter is a strip device with three color filters, invented by Robert S. "Bob" Harris of Kodak.

10 Tools To Start Your Own Social Network

If you're looking to start your own social network and, who knows, one day become number one, here are ten tools to help you out.

Ten Awesome Cartoon Shows You Don’t Want the Little Ones to Watch

They’re raunchy, they’re funny, and they’re vulgar and sometimes downright gory. Let’s have a look at ten cartoon shows you definitely don’t want to watch with your kids on a Sunday afternoon. These shows will make you laugh, or will make your stomach turn, but they continue to entertain a large number of viewers worldwide.
Actors who Have Been on the Big Screen since They Were Kids

10 Actors who Have Been on the Big Screen since They Were Kids

While we were playing in the sand, these children were on set. While our parents were putting us in bed or a nap, these...
the good wife cast 10

10 Reasons Why We Love The Good Wife Cast

The Good Wife is still going strong after 6 seasons and that is mainly because of the immense love people have for this show....
Taking the skin of the Nemean Lion was one of the 12 labors of Hercules.

The 12 Labors of Hercules

Whether you are passionate about Greek mythology or not, you must have heard about the great hero and demigod Hercules. The son of the...