Thursday, September 28, 2023

This Photo is Mind Blowing!

No Photoshop, no HDR, no effects. Click here to see this photo at its original resolution!

10 Beautiful and Inspiring Packages

When a company tries to sell a product, the advertising department knows that the way a product is packaged means a lot for further selling. Sometimes, the package is even more important than the content, but in general the product and its package must be high quality. The trick might work for a while, but when the customer realizes that the product have a low quality, he won't trust in that brand anymore. Check out these ten beautiful and inspiring packages!

Photos or Paintings?

Actually, these are all paintings made by amazing artist Collin Bogle! Inspired by the beauty of nature, Collin combines watercolor, colored-pencil and pastel to create his realistic, finely detailed and dramatically lit wildlife, animal and flower original paintings and fine art prints. Here you can admire ten awesome examples of wildlife realistic paintings, but do not forget to check Collin's website for more beautiful works.

10 Funny Programming Cartoons

Programmers require always small things to be happy and also small problems to become frustrated. They live in a different world, a tiny one. They are fragile and often tortured by the managers. Here is a programmer's life:

10 Awesome Sets of Illustrations

In this post we will share with you 10 awesome sets of illustrations for your inspiration. We have a lot of respect for the artists who made these brilliant illustrations. They all have imagination, creative minds and very good skills.

10 Awesome Caricatures

Patrick Strogulski makes some stunning caricatures, as you can see in the examples posted here. He is from Germany and he does fast caricatures and also many more elaborated works. Enjoy.

Old Vinyls – New Wall Clocks

Many of us still have amazing vinyls, under a thick layer of dust. We don't use them anymore, but a young Estonian designer - Pavel Sidorenko - came with a great idea which might inspire us all. Why not turn them in beautiful wall clocks?

Beautiful Toy Photography

Da-bu-di-bu-da (DeviantArt pseudonym) is a young girl from Russia. She grew up with some beautiful toys, many of them created by herself. Plushies, dolls, wooden toys, everything was painted, sculpted, dressed with some remarkable skills. The Russian artist made also various photos and these photos are totally awesome...

10 Beautiful and Inspiring Animations

These animations are absolutely stunning! Full of great stories, funny, crazy, or sad characters, nice graphics and beautiful soundtracks, these amazing videos are perfect for your inspiration. Enjoy.

10 Full HD Wallpapers: Game Battle Scenes!

We all love video games, from legend Tetris to the incredible realistic actual titles. For your inspiration, we compiled a short list with ten great full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) wallpapers that represents amazing battle scenes from popular games like Warhammer, Guild Wars or Stalker. Enjoy.