Sunday, October 1, 2023

10 Top Must Haves for the Autumn of 2013

Before each new season, all fashion designers start some sort of a competition in deciding what the rest of us should wear for that...

10 Timeless Fashion Items

Any fashion designer secretly dreams to create a piece of clothing, footwear or accessories that would stand the test of time and become an item that is and will be forever worn without ever getting "old fashioned". Some designers achieved this goal, as, in the same way as architects do, they conceived and created a form of art that no time, no present and no future can and will destroy their legacy. Fashion is a superficial lover, coming and going and not setting its mind on something, always in the search for the best next thing. However, even fashion can take a bow in front of some creations that will not only wear forever their designers' name, but will be worn for generations and generations. So let's see ten of these items that are just as fashionable as they were at their birth time.

10 Things to Know About Polka Dots

Since the 50', the polka dots have always been in fashion, with their funny, happy look and their origin mystery. From the good old days of the itsy-bitsy-teeny-­weeny polka dot to movies and catwalks, the polka dots almost spread the female kind in two sides: the ones who love them and the ones who'll never wear them. It is true they don't fit any type of body or outfit, but they still make it every year in the latest trends, small, large, uni or multicolored and they can adorn anything from the proverbial bikini to an Oscar evening dress. So what is it with these polka dots that still inflame designers' imagination and women's taste in clothing?

10 Tricks for Ladies to Look Taller

Height. A problem women have to face without the possibility of actually taking direct actions. Weight is a controllable issue and diet or not, sports or not, even surgery or starvation, there are still many options to eat better, improve your looks, lose the cellulite and so on. But not being tall enough can't be solved with any diet or exercise, because basically nothing helps the body to grow a few inches, especially in adulthood.

10 Amazing Tattoos on Beautiful Girls

Tattoos were once considered the mark of punkers, rebels, convicts and rock stars, but nowadays the tattoo has become an essential „ accessory” in the world of...

10 2012 Trends that Shouldn’t Make it to 2013

Certain topic are just so over-hyped that they become annoying, and that's why we're bringing you the definitive list of 2012 trends that shouldn't make it to 2013, or else!

Where to Pierce and What to Have Pierced?

Celebrities have a habit of doing things just to shock people and Hollywood body jewelry is a vast field that will offer you inspiration...

The 10 Absolute Best Makeup Brushes

If you’re serious about makeup then you have to have good brushes! The best make up brushes. It’s not only that the makeup is better applied with a good brush...

10 Basic Men’s Style Items for Fall 2012

Men’s fashion seems to have gotten increasingly and pointlessly complicated over the past year, yet this year marks a return to simple, classic items such as men's Ralph Lauren polo shirts.

10 Awesome Tips for Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry

Wholesale jewelry can be a great way to jump-start an accessory business, since silver never goes out of style and, where there is demand and supply, profit will inevitably follow.