Sunday, October 1, 2023

10 Stories of People Stuck in Weird Places

Have you ever remained stuck in weird places until someone found you? These trapped people lived to tell the story of their accidents and they seem funny as we read them, but they could have ended in disaster, if it wasn’t for their rescuers. From a tub to the ventilation duct of a shop, these are the craziest places where a human could remain trapped.

10 Worst Ways To Propose

The worst ways to propose to a woman are not hard to guess, if you have some common sense. Amusingly and sadly in the same time, it seems like many men lack that common sense as we may find many women disappointed by their boyfriends' lack of inspiration. Here are some of these awful ways to pop the question:

10 Celebrities Who Attempted Suicide but Failed

According to her biography, published by in 1992, Princess Diana was very troubled and tried to kill herself several times. Apparently, she attempted suicide even when she was pregnant with her son, William, but none of these sad events were admitted by the royal family.

10 Female Celebrities Who Like Older Men

Apparently, female celebrities of our times have developed a contagious attraction for older men, who are, in many cases, unknown in the world of the rich and famous. Even though they are –in some cases-much younger than their partners, these celebs definitely did not need the money of their men, as it happens so often.

10 Isolated Tribes Which Face Extinction

All over the world, peoples that chose to keep their ancient ways of living struggle to resist modernization. Tribes of the Amazonian jungle, recently discovered,facing total annihilation, mysterious tribes of India, which refuse all contact, or ancient peoples of Philippines that starve to death in their forests as a result of a faulty governmental policy, they all show us that humans did not change whatsoever from the colonial times.